EFTA provides internship opportunities to diverse undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduates. Visit our programs to learn more and apply.

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Work side-by-side with National Park Service professionals to preserve our heritage.


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Work with scientists in some of America’s most spectacular places to study geology, biology, climate change, and more



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Be part of hemispheric efforts to conserve birds through research and community-based education. This program has a focus on shorebirds and bird-focused education and offers intensive, hands-on positions that introduce participants to survey methods, data collection, education, and much more.

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EFTA recruits enthusiastic youth to work throughout the United States on conservation and community education projects. Check our latest opportunities to apply.

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BLM Carlsbad, New Mexico Feb, 14
BLM Bishop, California Feb, 12
BLM Corvallis, Oregon Feb, 12
Recreation Intern Internship
BLM Carlsbad, New Mexico Feb, 12
Wildlife Biologist Internship
BLM Monte Vista, Colorado Feb, 12
Wildlife Biologist Internship
BLM Grand Junction, Colorado Feb, 12
BLM Bakersfield, California Feb, 12
BLM Ukiah, California Feb, 12
Forest Service Hebo, Oregon Jan, 31
Environment for the Americas Boulder, Colorado Jan, 30
BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Marina, California Jan, 30
BLM Tucson, Arizona Feb, 17
BLM Las Cruces, New Mexico Feb, 17
Archaeologist Internship
BLM Las Cruces, New Mexico Feb, 17
Range Tech Internship
BLM Meeker, Colorado Feb, 17
Wildlife Biologist Internship
BLM Redding, California Feb, 17
BLM Bakersfield, California Feb, 17