IMBD in Aruba

December 12, 2015 - 8:00 am / 11:00 am

Organization Name

Aruba BirdLife Foundation

Aruba hosts its first IMBD celebration with a clean-up event in the area surrounding Bubali Plas on the 12th of December 2015 from 8-11 AM. The reason for choosing Bubali Plas is because it has received a lot of attention this year by various local NGO’s, such as Aruba Marine Park Foundation and Aruba Birdlife Foundation who have indicated that there are a lot of maintenance and environmental issues which likely has dire consequences for the food web in this location. Obviously this beloved nature area deserves more attention from our general public and our politicians. There is no sign up required just show up on time at the entrance of the Bubali Plas Bird Tower, so we can give you the necessary instructions before entering the area. There will be drinks and food available, however we ask you to bring your own bottle.

Aside from the clean-up there will be two petitions available for:
a) voice your desire for the preservacion of natural areas in Aruba
b) birders and nature enthusiasts to create a local volunteer group for the Caribbean Waterbird

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