2017 IMBD Walk in the Wild-Boulder, CO

On Saturday, May 20th, Environment for the Americas held the 8th annual International Migratory Bird Day event at Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat in Boulder, CO. During the days leading up to Walk in the Wild it looked like we might get snowed out, as heavy, wet snow fell for two days straight! However, luck was on our side that Saturday as the remaining snow piles melted, the sun poked its head out for the first time in over a week, and birds and people alike sang the praises of a perfect day at Walden Ponds.
Over 300 visitors of all ages came out for the event to learn about birds and join the fun. It was a great day for wildlife viewing with over 57 species of birds tallied for the day. Thank you to all of the Event Sponsors, Donors, and Education Stations that came out for IMBD this year!

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