Citizen Scientists at Tracy Aviary Spot Spring Migrants

Tracy Aviary, based out of Salt Lake City, has a strong Citizen Science Program, with volunteers involved in a number of bird surveys throughout Utah. In anticipation of their upcoming IMBD event “Urban Bird Festival in Salt Lake City” on May 6th-7th, Tracy Aviary’s Conservation Scientist, Cooper Farr, shares some of the bird species the citizen scientists have been seeing at sites throughout Utah. 

“Since 2011, Tracy Aviary has implemented a range of citizen science projects which involve a diverse community of people in conservation work and increase knowledge about local birds and habitats.  We focus our research efforts on identified local, national, and international conservation priorities. For example, we conduct annual breeding bird surveys in sites along the Jordan River to better understand how birds use these urban riparian areas and to provide information to land managers about non-native plant species management.  Other projects include a Broad-tailed hummingbird monitoring study, a survey at Alta Ski Area, breeding bird surveys at numerous city parks, and a series of “Migration Moonwatches” to survey birds migrating at night.” –Tracy Aviary Citizen Science Program

Cooper Farr has been training citizen scientists and sending them out on surveys this year. “At recent trainings and surveys, we’ve seen  a Western Kingbird, American White Pelicans, Barn, Bank, Northern rough-winged, and Cliff Swallows, Broad-tailed Hummingbirds, Swainson’s Hawks, a Dusky Flycatcher, and Yellow-headed Blackbirds, among others. I’ve seen reports of FOY Lazuli Buntings in the area, but I haven’t gotten one yet.”

Photo: Mike Malmquist

Cooper and her staff will also be involved in this year’s Urban Bird Festival leading educational birding walks for participants who will have the opportunity to learn what it’s like to be a migrating bird, as well as what we can all do to help local birds.

Environment for the Americas is highlighting stopover sites throughout the Western Hemisphere as part of the IMBD conservation theme. Would you like your unique stopover site to be highlighted on our blog? Please email Laura Koloski directly at [email protected] for more information.
International Migratory Bird Day events are gearing up for spring migration as more and more birds make their way towards breeding grounds. Check out events and festivals in your area. Many birds are still in South and Central America at their wintering sites, but numbers have been increasing at staging and stopover sites along northbound migratory routes. You can join this year’s IMBD conservation theme “Migratory Stopover Sites: Helping Birds Along the Way” by including resources and event materials in your IMBD event.

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