Partner With Latino-serving Organizations

Contact local organizations near your site that serve Latino community members. Request a meeting with these organizations and brainstorm ways you can build a partnership. These organizations may assist you disseminate information, identify obstacles to participation in your programs, and offer solutions to these obstacles.

Ideas of types of organizations to contact:

– Local non-profits
– Faith-based organizations such as Catholic Charities
– Diversity services & first generation programs at colleges and universities
– Libraries
– Student groups
– Social service agencies
– Professional associations such as Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
– Cultural centers
– Vocational & ESL schools
– Head Start
– Youth organizations such as YMCA and Boys & Girls Club

Case Study:
EFTA outreach staff met with service providers from a local Latino-based community organization in Long Island, NY. The organization, Adelante, hosted our environmental education programs and assisted us with disseminating marketing materials to their clients. The Adelante staff identified transportation as a logistical barrier to getting their families to participation in an informal science event hosted by Fire Island National Seashore. The organization providing transportation and brought a group of adults and youth to a nature and science event.