Contact Media Outlets

Get in touch with ethnic and Spanish-language media regarding your outreach initiative. Speak to their staff regarding your outreach goals and programs. Ask media organization for low cost or free ways to disseminate information on your site.


  • Request an interview or offer to write up a blurb for a local newspaper
  • Submit your event to an online calendar
  • Post your events on the social media pages of the media outlets

Case Study:
EFTA was looking at ways to advertise an International Migratory Bird Day event taking place at a study site. We contacted a local bilingual newspaper regarding the event and our outreach goals. The editor of a newspaper was enthusiastic about our initiative engaging Latino families in nature programs and she generously gave us a several page spread in the paper with articles on our interns & bird conservation tips. This coverage was beyond our budget yet support from the editor gave us an excellent opportunity to disseminate information widely.