Reaching Communities

Offering off-site educational programs can be an effective way of promoting visitation to your site and increase participation in your programs. Find locations, organizations, and recreational areas that are familiar and frequently used by Latino families. Brainstorm activities that you can do at this location. Be flexible & creative! You may need to modify your activity to include both adults & children. You may also need to deliver off-site programs outside your normal business hours.

Case Study: A library with a significant number of monolingual Spanish speaking patrons hosted a bird education program during their bimonthly Madres Latinas (Latina Mothers) group. A power point presentation was delivered to the adult participants meanwhile the children did a separate activity facilitated by the librarian. The adult participants learned about the programs offered at a nearby National Park and they learned about actions they can take to protect birds. Later in the program, the adults facilitated a bird making mask activity with their children. Several families attended a special event at the National Park after hearing about the event from this off-site program.

Case Study: Outreach staff attended several Spanish language Sunday church services and were given the opportunity to announce upcoming nature programs taking place at a National Park. Outreach staff was available to answer questions regarding how to get to the National Park, what to expect during the event, and staff gave out other logistical information. Church parishioners were personally invited to the event and were given marketing material. Several families attended the programs at the National Park after hearing about the program from outreach staff that came to the church.