C.E.B.F Primary School Presentation/Bird Games/Public Speaking Competition, Union Island
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17:30 to 17:30
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
From 12-05-16 to 13-05-16

On May 12, the SusGren team will visit each school on Union Island and do an interactive presentation in the schools with the students.  After that, we will do activities from the Bird Sleuth Curriculum guide, so that we can have everyone engaged and participating in learning new things about birding. We will also offer little tokens to the students. This will be a very fun and educational activity!

Last year we hosted the first ever Bird Spelling B Competition which was well received by the school and students. This year, on May 13th, we hope to step it up a notch and have the primary schools on Union Island conduct a debate for or against, on the topic “Should protected areas that support bird habitats be developed” with a focus on Ashton Lagoon (IBA 2008). This activity will be excellent to ensure young people develop a deeper understanding of protecting areas and holding the government accountable for bad decisions when it regards development and areas of biological diversity and importance. Public speaking is also an essential part of most jobs and, at some point, all of us will have to give a speech in public to inform, to persuade or to inspire others.

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