Seabird/Shorebird Monitoring
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06:00 to 10:30
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Another amazing morning celebrating Caribbean Endemic Bird Festival! The team started at 6:00am. SusGren Orisha Joseph and Kristy, along with fisherfolk Matthew Harvey and Stephanie Browne Primary School teacher Sherlan Joshua (graduate of the BirdSleuth Program) hopped into a small boat and began our seabird/shorebird monitoring. It turned out just spectacular when we start seeing hundreds of laughing gulls. Then the rare terns like the Common, Bridled and Sooty. We came up on some American Oystercatchers, Brown Noddys, Little Blue Herons and Yellow-crowned Night-Herons. We did Bloody Head, Chattham Bay, Water Rock, Long Rock, Ashton and Frigate Island, basically right around Union Island . The data we collected was entered on Caribbean E-bird.

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