Bureau of Land Management

Bureau of Land Management

The DOI Direct Hiring Authority for Resource Assistant Internship (DHA-RAI) Program is a direct hiring initiative from the Bureau of Land Management to develop an 11-week rigorous summer internship program for current college students or recent graduates, with particular attention to African American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, and Hispanic students. The DHA-RAI Program gives the BLM the opportunity to bring fresh perspectives to the organization while working on specific projects that target high demand career fields. Successful completion of the rigorous internship program, along with their conferred degree, DHA-RAI Program participants that meet Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Qualification Standards for a BLM occupation may be directly appointed without competition to a full time, permanent position.

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Meet our 2019 BLM interns:

Keely Watland — Natural Resource Specialist, Kremmling, CO

Keely is the natural resource specialist, stationed in Kremmling, Colorado. Most days Keely works out in the field, where she conducts wildlife research such as goshawk and leopard frog surveys and collects sagebrush. This summer, she is creating a management plan for Gore Canyon Ranch that is soon to become a wetland. Her daily surveys and data collections in the area help to smooth the transition into a wetland and allow her to learn much more about local wildlife. Throughout her internship, Keely is learning all that she needs to know about wildlife biology and working with a federal agency.

Christina Longjohn — Biological Technician, Winnemucca, NV

Christina has been working in Winnemucca, Nevada, as the Biological Technician. Her activities this summer consist of her main projects: assessing, inventory and monitoring (AIM) terrestrial data collection and creating habitat assessment framework (HAF) for sage-grouse. These two projects (AIM and HAF) have kept her busy out in the field for the duration of the internship and provided her with in-depth knowledge on wildlife monitoring and restoration. Having recently completed the final report, Christina says that she enjoyed being able to complete both projects from start to finish and see how they tied together.

Jesus Quinn — Rangeland Management Specialist, Winnemucca, NV

Jesus is the Rangeland Management Specialist in Winnemucca, Nevada. This summer, he has been updating the Winnemucca District, Rangeland Improvement System (RIPS) and Vegetation Management Action Portal (VMPAS). He also went out into the field to repair cattle fences, pipe fences for preservation of riparian areas, and check on range improvements such as cattle guards and troughs. His internship has taught him to be more organized and communicate well with his supervisor. When time allows, you will find Jesus enjoying the outdoors, mountain biking or backpacking.

Juan Guerrero — GIS Specialist, Washington D.C.

Juan works in Washington D.C. as the GIS Specialist. Juan’s main project for the summer is quality control and quality assurance on Subsurface Mineral Estates. For his project, Juan has been managing land records from state offices through ArcMap (a GIS Application) to account for the digitization of such records. His other activities include story mapping, digitizing land patents and other GIS projects. He has learned more about the Public Land Survey System and what it encompasses, in addition to refining his georeferencing and data management skills.