Celebra las Aves

Celebra las Aves Internship

Environment for the Americas (EFTA) created Celebra las Aves to engage the next generation of Latino conservation stewards. The program is designed to encourage Latino youth to explore careers in natural resource management, environmental conservation and scientific research. Interns work side-by-side with managers, educators and biologists at sites chosen for their importance to migratory shorebirds and waterfowl. Interns are responsible for an array of wildlife fieldwork, public outreach, and educational programs. Interns gain invaluable experience and mentoring in many aspects of environmental and wildlife science.

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Basic Eligibility

  • Age 18 to 35
  • Be a US citizen or legal resident.
  • Have a strong interest – or relevant experience – in bird conservation and/or willingness to learn is required. Enthusiasm for interacting with the public and children is encouraged.
  • Bilingual skills (Spanish/English) – Helpful and preferred.
  • Be social media savvy!

Time Frame

  • Applications must be submitted by November 18, 2016. Top candidates will be selected for interviews and will receive additional details about specific assignments.
  • Placement decisions and assignments will generally be made during the month of January.
  • The paid 5 month to 1 year internship period will begin in late February with a week long training.

Selection Criteria

Applicants will be reviewed and rated according to the following criteria – relevant educational and work experience oral and written communication skills, maturity, professionalism, technical knowledge and expertise, evidence of adaptability and adventurousness, and ability to work effectively with diverse audiences. Candidates may express interest is specific geographic areas and assignments will be based on the best fit with the specific requirements of each site.

Background and Goals

Celebra las Aves began in 2012 with the help of America’s Great Outdoors Initiative – An initiative that supports local and community-driven environmental stewardship by engaging youth and diverse groups – to increase the participation of Latinos in conservation and natural resource careers and their visitation to parks and public lands. Celebrate Shorebirds gives interns the opportunity to conduct scientific research and engage the Latino community in educational and interpretive programming. Our interns gain the skills and expertise to succeed in other wildlife and natural management positions.

The program will advance employment and community engagement opportunities with an emphasis on environmental stewardship and environmental programming participation. It will target undergraduates and graduate students, and the communities they are a part of or reside in. The experience will create strong mentor and protégé relationships and support the career growth of talented students. In addition, it will help to expand outreach into Latino communities nationally and develop deep and sustainable partnerships.

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