Make it personal

Many Latino participants recognized EFTA’s outreach staff during the study sites’ nature events. Participants often thanked us for announcing the event in their community and were glad to be included. Our outreach staff not only made a presence in these communities but also followed up with e-mail and phone call reminders. It was important to give this audience a personal invitation to the event and to let them know that staff would be available to answer any questions regarding directions and other logistical information on accessing the National Park.

When doing outreach, ask if people want follow-up information and reminders about your programs.

Find a volunteer or staff person that is super friendly and outgoing to greet visitors. Greeters should be well-informed about your site and event and should be prepared to interact with new visitors to your site. Condiser if this greeter should be a Spanish speaker.

Follow-up with the community based agencies that facilitated your outreach and personally invite staff from these agencies.

Make bilingual signs that help instruct individuals on how to participate in all your activities.

Ask event participants what is the best way to receive announcements on upcoming events.

Brainstorm other ways that you can make event participants feel welcomed and included in all your event activities.