Natural Resource Management Assistant – Mosaics In Science

Isle Royale National Park
December 2, 2019
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Do you find peace in the solitude and beauty of nature? How would you like to gain research skills in a rugged, isolated island, far from the sights and sounds of civilization? You will do just that at this remote and stunningly scenic park, performing field work, compiling field data, analyzing data, and developing scientific reports! You will also contribute to additional projects as needed. This position is intended to be an entry level position and expose the intern to a breadth of focus areas within Natural Resource Management.

The primary project will be an analysis of snowshoe hare distribution and habitat on Isle Royale. Wolf reintroduction on Isle Royale is ongoing and the park is interested in the cascading impacts of predation throughout the ecosystem. While the snowshoe hare is not a primary prey of wolves, the population and distribution are expected to be impacted. The field work will consist of hare density surveys (accomplished through hare pellet transects) and habitat assessment. The survey occurs early in the season, and requires extensive hiking and backpacking in remote areas. Field data collection typically concludes the second week of June and after this period the intern will enter and analyze data, make comparisons to previous surveys relative to predator populations, prepare a summary report, and present findings to Natural Resource Management Staff. This is great start to a future in scientific research, accompanied by a great outdoors experience at this beautiful park!

Qualified applicants are undergraduate students or recent graduates in a Natural Resources or Environmental Sciences program. The position could be filled by a first- or second-year undergraduate student, but higher skilled candidates could apply and job duties could be adjusted accordingly. No specific coursework is required. Experience with hiking and backpacking is ideal, but not necessary. However, the intern must be able to hike 6-8 miles per day, with repeated bending or stooping. The intern should possess an excellent work ethic, have a passion for the outdoors, attention to detail, ability to collect high-quality data, and most importantly a positive attitude.

The applicant must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent legal resident (“green-card-holder”) between the ages of 18 and 30 years old, of diverse background, or a veteran up to age 35. Prior to starting this position, a government security background clearance will be required.

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