Interpretation & Education Intern (DHA-RA) – Latino Heritage Internship Programs

Chamizal National Memorial 
December 2, 2019
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Are you a history lover? How would you like to work in a place where history and culture come to life? Chamizal is more than an urban park. These grounds are a reminder of the settlement of a 100-year border dispute between the United States and Mexico. We celebrate the cultures of the borderlands to promote the same mutual respect that helped to diplomatically resolve an international disagreement. If this is of interest to you, apply for the Museum Curator Assistant internship at Chamizal National Memorial this summer!

The intern will assist in the second phase of updating the park’s 2010 Scope of Collections (SOCS), conducting research on particular archival items, and further reducing the number of undocumented non-accessioned items in the collection. In addition, particular items will require research prior to their accessioning and cataloging. The intern will be asked to conduct accessioning and cataloging as needed.

A large part of the intern’s responsibility will be to assist the Cultural Resources Program Manager--who has collateral museum duties--in completing the second phase in updating the park’s 2010 SOCS document to ensure that the document reflects current information for proper acquisition and preservation of museum objects and archives while clearly defining the sideboards of the collection based on the park’s purpose and interpretive plans.

Another important goal for this project will be to assist in the accessioning and cataloging various objects in the park’s electronic database, which are presently dedicated to a museum laptop computer. This will help in significantly reducing our backlog of non-accessioned and non-cataloged objects and archival material. By park staff prioritizing the items to be accessioned and cataloged, the intern will be able to contribute to the preparation for a new park exhibit that will feature some of the items to be accessioned and cataloged. As part of the accessioning and cataloging processes, the intern may be asked to conduct online and/or library research on specific objects and archival materials in order to properly describe them in the electronic database. If time allows, the intern will be able to participate with park staff in conducting a required annual inventory of park museum collections, including all archival materials.

All the aforementioned work products must be completed in a manner that meets the Secretary of Interior’s Standards as identified in the NPS museum handbooks and NPS museum collections guidance documents. Thus, attention to detail will be critical for proper data entry and descriptions of items entered in the park’s electronic database. The intern will be asked to read relevant sections of the NPS Museum Collection Handbooks. These handbooks and various object indices will be explained and made available to the intern. The supervisor will assist the intern in using the handbooks, manuals, and indices throughout the accessioning and cataloging process to ensure that the work products meet DOI and NPS standards while effectively updating the park’s existing database. 


The intern’s qualifications for this position will require the following knowledge, skill sets, and abilities to successfully perform and complete the various learning goals listed below:

  • skilled using Microsoft WORD, Excel, and PowerPoint software programs;
  • ability to learn then-new museum electronic database program;
  • basic knowledge and skill in conducting online research using Google;
  • basic knowledge and ability to perform library research;
  • ability to drive an automobile;
  • ability to attend to detail;
  • good analytical abilities;
  • good technical skills; and
  • good social skills and ability to work with others in a team setting.

The intern must be enrolled as a current student during the period of this internship. This is a DHA position.


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