Celebra Las Aves: Siuslaw National Forest (2 positions)

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January 31, 2020
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*Now open for 2020*

Stipend: $1400/month
Start/End Dates: This position begins as soon as possible and continues through August.
Housing: Shared housing is provided

Environment for the Americas Inc. interns will embark on a strategically targeted outreach and interpretation campaign with the goal of improving coastal bird habitat by decreasing the availability of anthropogenic food sources to avian predators, specifically corvids. A secondary goal will be to increase visitor awareness and encourage behaviors that minimize disturbance to coastal birds in their nesting areas, such as rocky intertidal zones and open sand dunes. The outreach effort’s target audience will be Oregon State Park and Siuslaw National Forest visitors. The project will have three components- direct on-site outreach, development and production of interpretive materials, and visitor surveys.

Internship Goal Include:
- Decrease the amount of anthropogenic food sources available to wildlife, particularly corvid species, to better protect the marbled murrelet, western snowy plover, and other species.
- Encourage behavioral changes among visitors to reduce litter that can harm coastal birds.
- Encourage behavioral changes among coastal visitors to reduce disturbance to shorebirds and seabirds during sensitive timeframes.
- Increase visitor understanding of the role of Seabird Protection Areas (SPA) and the importance of beaches as foraging areas for shorebirds.
- Increase public awareness of ocean and forage fish conservation efforts, including Oregon’s system of marine reserves and Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), and how those efforts benefit the marbled murrelet.
- Conduct outreach/education within parks, campgrounds and recreation areas known to contain marbled murrelets, with an objective of reducing the population of resident corvid species.
- Use a combination of outreach, interpretation, and developed promotional materials, to alter the habits of visitors in order to decrease the available food source for corvids and other wildlife around high quality marbled murrelet habitat.

Work Assignments:
Interns will be stationed in the Siuslaw’s Central Coast District and Hebo District on the Oregon Coast. Interns will receive shorebird training through EFTA and later become certified as Interpretive Guides through the National Association of Interpreters while receiving training in marbled murrelet, western snowy plover, and black oystercatcher life histories.

Interpretive staff will engage visitors by:
- Developing and producing a suite of interpretive messages for evening campground programs, day programs, roving naturalist programs, community presentations, outreach tables, and education programs for youth.
- Collaborate with Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) interpretive rangers and Visitor Experience staff throughout the coast when developing program content, and share outreach materials.
- Collaborate with U.S. Forest Service Valuing People and Place field rangers in the central coast in developing, scheduling, advertising, and delivering programs.
- Collaborate with U.S. Forest Service wildlife staff to develop messages and partnerships.
- Deliver interpretive messages via evening programs, daytime programs, roving naturalist outreach, community events, and youth education.
- Provide informal roving interpretation at recreation areas and campgrounds.
- Deliver periodic outreach and presentations at the Oregon Coast Aquarium and Oregon Zoo in efforts to increase the scope of outreach reach more audiences.
- Collaborate with OPRD park managers and staff and U.S. Forest Service staff to ensure messaging related to feeding wildlife, “good dog” behavior, and protection of USFWS seabird areas is consistent.
- Coordinate with OPRD park staff and U.S. Forest Service staff on programming schedules to ensure efficient use of outreach time and facilities.
- Work with U.S. Forest Service and OPRD staff to create develop messages for social media, web content, education resources for teachers, and displays.
- Provide resources, information, and training to volunteers and camp hosts who regularly interact with the public at these sites.
- Assist in developing posters for display in campgrounds, day use areas, kiosks, and bathrooms at coastal parks and campgrounds with marbled murrelet potential habitat.
- Produce program outlines, power-points, compiled research and training material that can be used by future interpretive staff.
- Work with U.S. Forest Service staff to develop short educational videos on snowy plover conservation efforts and other related topics.
- Assist U.S. Forest Service Wildlife staff with monitoring and survey efforts for shorebirds and other threatened species.
- Develop and complete anthropogenic food source surveys in the campgrounds and day use areas where programs will take place before and after the program com

***The duration of the internship is approximately 6 months, and due to COVID, the start date is to be determined.  Interns will be provided with lodging for the duration of the internship and compensated with a monthly stipend. Interns will also be required to participate in a weeklong training in San Diego (all expenses included) before the start of the internship. To be considered for this position, please click on the Apply link at the top menu and complete the application. Qualified candidates will be contacted for interviews for this position and any others that might be a suitable match.


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