Wilderness Intern – Latino Heritage Internship Program

Lassen Volcanic National Park (LAVO)- Resources Management Division
December 2, 2019
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How would you like to aid Lassen Volcanic National Park’s Wilderness Manager in accomplishing complex, professional, and wilderness tasks? Project activities will directly contribute to the park preserving wilderness character as obligated under the Wilderness Act! The project will allow Lassen Volcanic National Park and Resource Management staff to monitor how stewardship actions, impacts from modernization, and changes occurring outside of wilderness are affecting the Lassen Volcanic Wilderness areas. Data collected will be entered into the wilderness character database that allows the park to track changes to know whether wilderness stewardship is ultimately improving or degrading. The monitoring undertaken in the project will contribute to reporting requirements at the park, regional, and national levels.

Additionally, the project will help groom the next generation of wilderness professionals and connect them to people and places of work. The project activities will also contribute to the NPS addressing the backlog of wilderness stewardship work across the National Wilderness Preservation System. Long-term monitoring of natural and cultural resources within the Lassen Volcanic Wilderness and backcountry will be conducted. Data collected will be used to document wilderness character of the Lassen Volcanic Wilderness and inform management decisions. Gathered data will be entered into the Wilderness Character Monitoring Database, and also be used to contribute to reports, compilation of statistical data, and/or briefs.

Responsibilities include collecting data in the field, managing ecological data following strict quality control measures, planning for fieldwork, providing logistical support for field activities, and other administrative duties such as developing wilderness communication and education guidance as assigned. Other duties could include performing tasks associated with backcountry and wilderness management, including: educating visitors regarding activities that impact upon the preservation of natural and cultural resources, as well as minimum impact practices, regulations, and leading by example; patrolling trails and cross-country routes in the wilderness to check on resource impacts such as illegal fire rings, visitor permits, or trail status; and assisting with resource management projects and wilderness permit checks.


Coursework and Skills:

  • Biology: some coursework or experience
  • Ecology & Restoration: some coursework or experience
  • Resource Management: some coursework or experience
  • Data Entry: competent without supervision
  • GIS: some experience
  • GPS: some experience
  • Plant Identification: some experience

Strengths and Traits:

  • Enjoy spending time outdoors with wilderness skills such as pitching camp, Leave No Trace ethics, and use of topographic maps;
  • Comfortable alone in the wilderness for several days at a time with radio contact to headquarters;
  • People skills in working with a diverse population of visitors; and
  • Resourceful and calm, and able to solve problems during emergencies.

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