Hydrology Assistant – Mosaics In Science

Mesa Verde National Park
December 2, 2019
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This position would provide support to a number of ongoing projects focused on the park’s natural water resources. These include:

• Seeps and Springs Surveys: Evaluate the conditions of natural water sources by collecting water quality data, measuring pools and wetted areas, measuring spring flows, identifying plant and invertebrate species presence, documenting wildlife use, and managing and organizing data. This will also involve remapping spring locations and surveying for historical spring sites.

• Chapin Mesa Springs Project: Selected springs, associated with Chapin Mesa, have been chosen for more in-depth analysis to better understand groundwater movement and flow paths. Water sampling is being conducted to determine the age of emerging water at these spring sites and to identify contaminants present in spring water to identify possible wastewater contamination. Sampling can also help to identify the influence of outflow water that has been treated for consumption and its influence on the water available in springs. Duties involved with this project include collecting water samples and water quality data, managing trail cameras, and collecting solar radiation data and spring measurements.

• Morefield Wetland Restoration: This position will provide assistance with an ongoing wetland restoration project. Duties expected may include riparian vegetation seed collection, reading monitoring transects, fence rehabilitation, and planting.

• Amphibian Surveys: The park expects to survey and monitor springs and perennial water sources for amphibian presence. The position can expect to assist in carrying out survey protocols, map site locations, and identify or key out amphibian species.

• Natural Resources: While this position is primarily tied to natural water resources, duties may extend to other aspects of natural resource management including air quality monitoring, vegetation surveys, and wildlife surveys.


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