Latino Heritage Internship Program with Environment for the Americas

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The National Park Service and Environment for the America’s (EFTA) Latino Heritage Internship Program is designed to engage the next generation of conservation stewards. The program will raise awareness of our national parks and historic sites, their accessibility and the need for the Latino community’s involvement in their preservation.

For this purpose, EFTA will select and oversee twenty highly motivated undergraduate and graduate  students to work alongside NPS historians, interpreters, archaeologists, architects, and curators on cultural resources projects in different park units, offices and historical sites throughout the nation. Students will have substantive assignments in their areas of study, work closely with NPS staff day-to-day and receive additional mentoring and support through EFTA. These ten-week internships will be compensated with a weekly stipend, and housing and transportation costs will be fully covered.

Basic Eligibility:

  • Age 18 to 30 inclusive, and military veterans up to age 35 or younger;
  • Possess US citizenship or permanent residence;
  • Be enrolled in an accredited educational qualifying institution;
  • Have a strong interest or relevant experience in areas pertaining to, but not limited to,  history, historic preservation, public history, museum studies, archaeology, cultural interpretation, landscape architecture, anthropology or other related fields;
  • Bilingual skills (fluent in Spanish/English) — helpful;
  • Social media savvy!

Time frame:

  • For information about the application due date, please check back in December 2019.
  • Placement decisions and assignments will generally be made during the month of April.
  • The 11-week internship period will begin in late May through early June 2020 and conclude in August through early September 2020 depending on specific requirements of the project site.

Selection criteria:
Applications will be reviewed and rated according to the following criteria – relevant educational and work experience, oral and written communication skills, maturity, professionalism, technical knowledge and expertise, evidence of adaptability and adventurousness, and an ability to work effectively with diverse audiences. , demonstrated commitment to and understanding of Latino heritage and culture. Candidates may express interest in specific geographic and thematic areas. Specific assignments will be based on best fit with specific requirements of each NPS location. Final candidates will undergo a background check before beginning their assignment.

Background & Goals:
A 2014 research briefing by Latino Decisions and the Hispanic Access Foundation analyzed nine major public opinion polls from the last three years and found that Latinos overwhelmingly support greater environmental protections, such as preserving parks and public lands. Additionally, this briefing found that 1) Latinos viewed natural and cultural resource conservation as essential to a better quality of life and that 2) Latinos believe individuals and government have important roles in protecting natural resources and promoting healthy, clean communities. This program will seek to increase the engagement of Latinos, as they are currently the most underrepresented population group in the NPS workforce.

The program will advance employment and community engagement opportunities with an emphasis on cultural resource stewardship and interpretation issues. It will target undergraduates and graduate students, while developing mission critical internship projects that will support NPS goals and objectives. The experience will create strong mentor andprotégé relationships and support the career growth of talented students. In addition, it will help to expand NPS outreach into Latino communities nationally and develop deep and sustainable partnerships.

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