Latino Programs Director

In Dalia’s home country, Venezuela, the Great Kiskadee is called Cristofué because of the loud noises it makes. Dalia has always liked this noisy and gregarious bird, perhaps because it reflects her own strengths. After living in Colorado for the past ten years, she has become a mover and shaker in the Colorado Latino communities, where she has worked to help improve living situations and provide leadership training from elementary to college students and families. She runs EFTA’s programs that connect Latino youth to nature through outdoor experiences and develops intern training, including the Latino Heritage Internship Program. She is a civil engineer with a BA in Educations and MBA and over 25 years of marketing and strategic planning experience. Dalia serves in the Advisory Council of the Latino Cultural Art Center, the Latino Audience Alliance, and is a member of Alianza de las Artes Latinoamericanas.


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