Dancing with Tex

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The remarkable true friendship between George Archibald, co-founder of The International Crane Foundation who loves birds, and a rare Whooping Crane named Tex, who only loves people. George needs to help Tex lay a fertile egg to save her species from extinction. But first, cranes need to dance. What happens when Tex dances with George?

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On Sale! Imagine a friendship between a man and bird that helps the Whooping Cranes survive extinction. It really happened! As our planet faces environmental concerns, Dancing With Tex demonstrates the importance of caring for an endangered species.

Tex is a rare Whooping Crane from Texas who believes she belongs with people. George is a young man from Canada, who wants to save all the cranes. Together, they become dancing partners over six years to help Tex lay a fertile egg. But it isn’t easy.

Based on a true story, author Lynn Sanders and illustrator Sergio Drumond, capture a remarkable friendship in history. We meet two college friends, George Archibald and Ron Sauey, who decide to do something no one has ever done before – create a place to care for all fifteen species of cranes. It becomes The International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, Wisconsin. After collecting 14 different species of cranes, they’re missing the rarest type of all: the Whooping Cranes.

Eventually, George and Ron manage to bring Tex and Tony to their place. They need Tex to bring more Whooping Crane chicks into the world. All cranes do a dance with a partner they like before laying an egg. But Tex won’t dance with Tony. Will she dance with George? How can George help her lay an egg? What happens when everything keeps going wrong?

Dancing With Tex offers a captivating, heart-warming, and memorable story that made national news on the Johnny Carson show. Added bonuses include an introduction, useful scientific vocabulary words, questions & answers, and a “behind the scenes” closing. This story reinforces the power of having faith, belief and perseverance in following one’s dreams. A beautifully illustrated, educational gift for children young and old.


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