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Join the nearly 700 organizers across the Western Hemisphere who will be hosting WMBD events throughout the year. By registering, your event will be featured on our WMBD calendar and interactive map and you will be added to our mailing list to receive the most up-to-date news and information on event resources. Event registration for 2018 is now open.

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Are you looking for ideas to help you plan and design your event? Here are some ways to help make your Bird Day a success:

Bird Counts & Bird Day Event PassGet to Know - Art ContestVisit an EventWMBD Downloadable Online ResourcesEFTA Online Store

Bird Counts & Bird Day Event Pass
Most WMBD events include bird walks, and while you’re out introducing the public to birds, you can share the importance of gathering accurate information about birds and the value of observations. You can use the Event Pass to keep track of the number of stations participants have visited at your event. This is a fun way to record an individual’s progress through stations. Click here for more successful event materials.

Get to Know – Art Contest
Take part in the 2017 IMBD – Get to Know Art Gallery and Contest. We are especially interested in how your art (photography, painting, sketching, sculpture, and poetry) illustrates the conservation theme, “Helping Birds Along the Way”. Submitting your art is easy. Just take a photo of it or scan it, then upload to the gallery. We hope to see your art!

Visit An Event
Visit other events in your area, or plan a trip to gain ideas and see what other folks are doing. To find events planned for this year, check out the WMBD calendar. Also, please consider sharing your event tools that are working well by emailing [email protected].

WMBD Downloadable Online Resources
Visit the World Migratory Bird Day website for free online resources for promotional and educational materials.

EFTA Online Store
The EFTA online store has stickers, t-shirts, educational material, and other gear to help make your event a success. For merchandise specific to 2018 WMBD events be sure to click on the WMBD 2018 tab.