Join families in a celebration of wetlands and their importance to migratory birds. In 2020, Wetland Link connects us in learning how birds connect our world…from wetland to wetland.


Wetland Link International – Submit your stories of wetlands and birds!

Wetland Link International (WLI) and Environment for the Americas join efforts to raise awareness about wetlands and to connect students around the world through studies of wetlands and the birds that depend on them through the Connecting Birds and Schools program.

Every day is bird day in wetlands. Around the world, wetlands provide habitat for migratory birds when they feed, rest, and nest. Birds connect our world and they connect us to the wetlands in our communities. The 2020 WMBD conservation theme, Birds Connect Our World, focuses on the different ways we can track bird migration and how that knowledge can inform conservation – and you can help, too!


Connecting Birds and Schools started in Europe in 2017 with Wetlands Link International (WLI), and schools visiting wetland sites and then meeting together via video conference to discuss their findings. At the moment, however, schools are closed and we are all practicing social distancing to help stop the spread of COVID-19. But migratory birds are still migrating, many wetlands are still open for visiting, and we still need to connect with nature and our wetlands. 

If you are able, visit a nearby wetland and look for signs of spring migration to learn about birds and wetlands! Think about the WMBD conservation theme, Birds Connect Our World, and discuss the ways the birds you see can be tracked; for example, do you see a band on the bird’s leg?


        1. Visit a wetland and observe birds and signs of spring (maintaining COVID-19 guidelines, of course). If you can’t visit a wetland, share some observations from your yard or learn about wetlands on the web.
        2. Answer at least 2 of our questions below. 
        3. Take photos, make a video, write a poem, or draw a picture of what you see.
        4. Submit your observations HERE. Submissions will be premiered on World Migratory Bird Day LIVE on May 9th.


        • What do you see? What can you hear? What can you smell in the wetland?
        • What birds do you observe? 
        • What is migration and what do you think are the most amazing things about bird migration?
        • How do birds connect our world?
        • What else is happening in the wetland at this time of year?
        • What types of plants do you see in the wetlands? 
        • If you could migrate, where would you go?